First Year Experience



Welcome to the First Year Experience, ASU 1101: Pathway to Success! The faculty and staff are excited that you have chosen Albany State University for your educational experience. During your first semester, you will be transitioning into a whole new world where you will have to balance a schedule that includes your classes, assignments and homework outside of class, campus activities, friends, and lifestyle choices. This can be challenging, but the First Year Experience Program provides the information, resources, learning experiences, and support need for you to successfully navigate your first year at Albany State through a 8-week required course specifically designed to meet the needs of new students and an early alert initiative that helps you monitor your success in your classes and assists you in finding resources available to your to facilitate academic and personal success.

Admin Staff Office Hours for First Year Experience
Admin Staff Office Hours Office Location Contact Information
Monday - Friday West Campus Telephone: (229) 500-2002
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. C - 103 Email:
  2400 Gillionville Road  
  Albany, GA 31707