Learning Support

What is it?

Learning Support at Albany State University provides access for under-prepared students to develop or enhance their skills and knowledge in the areas of English and math. Students may be placed into Learning Support if their previous academic record, admissions test scores and/or placement scores indicate that the student is ineligible for admissions into collegiate-level courses. Learning Support courses are offered as coreequisite sections in conjuction with credit bearing course. The corequisite courses are as follows:

  • ENGL 0999, Support for English Composition
  • MATH 0997, Support for Quantitative Reasoning
  • MATH 0999, Support for College Algebra

Students who require learning support courses must register for them before registering for any credit work. Students are permitted to enroll in credit courses (1) if they have completed or are enrolled in all their Learning Support courses, and (2) if the Learning Support course is not a prerequisite. A student who accumulates thirty semester college credit hours and has not successfully completed required Learning Support courses may enroll only in Learning Support courses until requirements are successfully completed.

Learning Support Courses are Offered in the following Academic Colleges: