Greek Curriculum


The Greek Curriculum is a course designed to educate prospective members of Greek lettered organizations about the University expectations and requirements pre and post membership in a Greek lettered organization. 

Further, the Curriculum teaches students how non-members can network with current members of Greek lettered organizations; how to manage your time and responsibilities post membership without sacrificing academic priorities; what to expect during the membership intake process; Greek life best practices; the definition, impact, and consequences of hazing, and the benefits of membership in Greek Lettered organizations among other things. 

The Greek Curriculum is offered each semester.  Successful completion of the Greek Curriculum is a requirement to being eligible for consideration for membership in any Greek lettered organization at Albany State University. 

 For additional information please contact the Greek Life Coordinator, Mr. Anthony C. Morman via telephone at 229.500.3531 or via email at or the Greek Life Intern, Mr. Gerald D. Green, Jr. via email at