Message from the Director

Despite the challenges imposed by a global pandemic, in the academic year 2020-2021, the Guiding Persistence to Success (#GPS) Quality Enhancement Plan at Albany State University (ASU), supported students, faculty and staff in offering strategies to help impact our retention, progression and graduation rates.

As the QEP Director, I look forward to leading and providing oversight of the #GPS QEP among faculty, staff, and students to facilitate the integration of transformative student engagement and learning at ASU. My role is to be a champion of the #GPS QEP and with an “unsinkable” approach, I will continue to do so by

  • working with faculty, administration, staff, and students to guarantee the successful implementation of the #GPS QEP,
  • fostering a collaborative environment for the #GPS QEP Committee to created professional development opportunities necessary to achieve the #GPS QEP goals,
  • promoting participation in the #GPS QEP throughout the University and to the community,
  • working closely with the Director of Assessment to develop and manage the #GPS QEP assessments, and collaborating to collect and analyze the results of the #GPS QEP program and implement improvements as necessary to increase effectiveness,
  • performing outreach and marketing to students to encourage participation to meet the #GPS QEP goals, and
  • providing updates to the campus community regarding the #GPS QEP progress.

I know with the advisement and support of the Provost and the #GPS QEP Committee, the implementation of the #GPS QEP will continue to enhance opportunities for student learning, improvement, and ultimately, student success.

Warm regards,

Raven Payne, Ed.D.
QEP Director
Billy C. Black Building, Room 283 I
(229) 500-3457