Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Name First  Name Title Department Phone Number
Email Address
Porter Rhonda Department Chair, Professor Teacher Education 500-2153 rhonda.porter@asurams.edu 
Cochran Geraldine Administrative Assistant Counseling & Educational Leadership 500-2180 geraldine.cochran@asurams.edu 
Fleming Teresa Administrative Assistant, Certification Specialist Teacher Education 500-2145 teresa.fleming@asurams.edu 
Andero Abraham Professor Educational Leadership 500-2178 abraham.andero@asurams.edu 
Arrington Morris OCIS Instructor Teacher Education 500-2012 morris.arrington@asurams.edu 
Barfield Jessica OCIS Instructor Teacher Education 500-2012 jessica.barfield@asurams.edu 
Barney Kimberly Director Early Learning Center 500-3273 kimberly.barney@asurams.edu 
Billingsley Katrina Instructor Counseling 500-2180 katrina.billingsley@asurams.edu 
Calder Claudia Assistant Professor Counseling 500-2273 claudia.calder@asurams.edu 
Carthon Janis Associate Professor, Director Educational Leadership,
Wallace UPPI Initiative
500-2179 janis.carthon@asurams.edu 
DeCuir Erica Associate Professor Teacher Education 500-2143 erica.decuir@asurams.edu 
Gooden-Alexis Sonia Assistant Professor Counseling 500-2144 sonia.gooden-alexis@asurams.edu 
Jefferson Takeebie Director of Online Learning & Technical Support Teacher Education 500-2146 takeebie.jefferson@asurams.edu 
Jenkins Patricia Professor Teacher Education 500-2147 patricia.jenkins@asurams.edu 
Johnson Sophia Instructor Counseling 500-2180 sophia.johnson@asurams.edu 
Kahdi Tau Professor Teacher Education 500-2148 tau.kadhi@asurams.edu 
Ladd Rosie Educational Leadership Clinical Director Educational Leadership 500-2184 rosie.ladd@asurams.edu 
Larkins Cheryl Adjunct Professor Teacher Education 500-2012 cheryl.larkins@asurams.edu 
Lewis Annie Assistant Professor Counseling  500-2149 annie.lewis@asurams.edu 
Medlin Dorene Associate Professor Teacher Education 500-2150 dorene.medlin@asurams.edu 
Medlock Carolyn Director of Field and Clinical Teacher Education 500-2154 carolyn.medlock@asurams.edu 
Miller Soraya Director Child Care Resource & Referral 500-2896 soraya.miller@asurams.edu 
Owusu-Ansah Anthony Associate Professor Teacher Education 500-2151 anthony.owusuansah@asurams.edu 
Perry-Simpson Linda OCIS Instructor Teacher Education 500-2012 linda.perry-simpson@asurams.edu 
Pogue Tiffany Assistant Professor Teacher Education 500-2152 tiffany.pogue@asurams.edu 
Rogers Sarah Off Campus Programs Liason Teacher Education 229-225-4000 sarah.rogers@asurams.edu 
Stafford Bettie Assistant Professor Teacher Education 500-2411 bettie.stafford@asurams.edu