Fitness Center Rules



Speaker: Ken Kirsch, ASU Health and Wellness Director

I would like to take this time to discuss our Fitness Center rules as it applies to using our facility. We have 9 specific rules (for patrons that use our facility) for safety, as well as to maintain the facility and how it looks, as well as its cleanliness.

ASU Identification

One: You must have proper ASU ID, no exception. We have a swipe-in and a swipe-out system, and you must bring your ASU ID. If you do not have this, you will not be permitted in our facility.

Proper Workout Attire

Two: proper workout attire. No sandals, must have all closed-toe shoes (sneakers, preferably). No jeans. Men, you are not allowed to wear tank-tops; you are allowed to wear cutoffs under the shoulder, but there are no tank-tops allowed. As well as just proper attire in the sense of how it covers your body.

RULE #3 
No Playing or Loitering

Number three: Obviously for the safety of everybody, no horseplay. Also, no loitering. This is a facility for those that are coming to exercise.

No Large Backpacks

Number four: Because of our spacing, no large backpacks are allowed in our facility. If it cannot hang on our back wall—we have hooks for some bookbags—if it's too large and you cannot hang them up, we ask you to please put them in your locker. Furthermore, this is not a locker room; please change before you come in here.

Plastic Lid Bottles

Number five: Only plastic lid bottles are permitted in our facility, just to avoid any spilling which could leave stains throughout the facility.

Respectful Language

Number six: Obviously, proper use of language. There are other people that are going to be using our facility. Please be respectful and use proper and appropriate language.

Bring Earbuds

Number seven: You like your own music; please bring earbuds, and you listen to your music through your own headphones. Some patrons may not like some of the music that you have, so therefore please bring your own earbuds.

Rack Your Weights

Number eight: This is a big rule of mine, and it actually has been a pet peeve since I have been in this business: Rack your weights. It's part of the workout. You never know if someone else may need to use that machine. They should not have to put away your weights. Also, it's a safety mechanism. If you leave dumbbells around, if you leave weighted plates, someone could trip over it, someone could smash their finger on a dumbbell. So, again, if you use it, you put it away.

No Olympic Lifts

And then number nine: Because of the way the facility is designed, no Olympic lifts are permitted. The exception, though, are squats and deadlifts, but no power cleans, no clean and jerks. This is not an Olympic facility.

Closing Remarks

We have staff members here if you need to ask questions, as well as I am always around if you need to ask a question. But, again, the rules are designed to maintain our facility, to keep everybody safe, and to continue to grow this facility for future use. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you in here. Thank you.

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Albany State University
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Located in the L Building

Open to Students, Faculty and Staff

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