Transfer Out Form


Intent to Transfer Form Instructions

Instructions: This form is to be used for F-1 students currently attending Albany State University who intend to transfer out of ASU to another university. Read the information on this page and complete the attached form and submit it with the required documents indicated on the form. Students who want to transfer to ASU should utilize the “Transfer-In Form” available on the Office of International Education section of the ASU website.

Restrictions on Transferring

  • An F-1 student who was not pursuing a full course of study at the school he/she was last authorized to attend will be considered out of status. The student’s SEVIS record can be transferred to another school; however, it will be in “terminated” status. Consequently, the student must still apply for reinstatement or depart the United States and return as an initial entry in a new F-1 nonimmigrant status prior to beginning his/her studies at the new school
  • An F-1 student must begin classes at the transfer school or program within 5 months of transferring out of the current school or within 5 months of the program completion date on his or her current Form I-20, whichever is earlier.
  • In the case of an F-1 student authorized to engage in post-completion OPT, he/she must be able resume classes within 5 months of transferring out of the school that recommended OPT or the date the OPT authorization ends, whichever is earlier.
  • Authorization to engage in OPT/CPT is automatically canceled when the student transfers to another school (for those students currently on OPT/CPT). For students currently on OPT/CPT, authorization to engage in OPT/CPT is automatically canceled when the student transfers to another school.
  • The student may only engage in on-campus employment at the school having jurisdiction over his/her SEVIS record. After the transfer date has been reached, the student is only eligible to work at his/her new school.
  • All F-2 dependents must transfer with the F-1 principal and must be in status as well.


  • The SEVIS release date is the current semester or session completion date, or within 60 days of completion.
  • If a student changes his/her mind for certain reason, Office of International Education can only cancel the student’s transfer request prior to the SEVIS release date.
  • Although a student may apply to and be accepted by more than one school, SEVIS only allows a student’s record to be available to one school at a time.
  • After the release date, a student must work with the DSO of transfer school to accomplish a second transfer to another USCIS approved school or transfer back to his or her previous school.
  • International student athletes MUST see Office of International Education 30 days prior to transferring to another school, even if they have been cleared by the Athletics Department to transfer.


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