VA Benefits

 Albany State University is site approved to receive educational benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA), MyCAA, and Tuition Assistance.


Current Students: 

Turn in a VA Authorization Form each semester after you register for classes.

New Students: 
Applying for Educational Benefits
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Apply for Education Benefits"
  3. Click "Find your Education Benefits Form" (green tab)

Answer the questions at the link. As a reminder the applicant is the student who will be attending ASU.  

If you have used educational benefits at another institution, go to the GI Bill Website to update your current educational benefits. 

After processing by the VA is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility that should be provided to the Office of Military and Adult Education please email this document to

Post 9/11 for veteran and dependents/Chapter 33 and the FRY scholarship pay tuition and fees (from 40% to 100%, based on eligibility) to the institution, but housing and associated charges are the responsibility of the student.  For all other educational benefits (Chapter 30, 35, and 1606), the student will be responsible for adhering to all payment deadlines established by the institution, as VA benefits are paid directly to the student.


Eligible spouses can establish a MyCAA Account by visiting the MyCAA website.  Proof of approved MyCAA funding can be sent to the Office of Military and Adult Education to