Nursing Program Applications

Image of nursing student's uniform with ASU Nursing armband


Applicants seeking admission to ANY of the Department of Nursing’s nursing programs must FIRST apply to Albany State University and be admitted in good standing with the University. For this reason, it is recommend that students apply to the University at least 1 month prior to the program application deadline, as admission processes typically take 4 weeks to complete. Only AFTER being accepted into the University can students complete one of the applications detailed below.

Applications submitted prior to University acceptance will NOT be considered for program acceptance.


Applications for Program Readmission

The following program readmission applications are reserved exclusively for students who were previously accepted and actively enrolled in the indicated nursing program. Students who have (1) not applied to the selected nursing program and (2) students who were accepted into the nursing program but never enrolled in nursing coursework should NOT use these applications and should instead refer to the available applications above. Improper use of the program readmission application may result in disqualification from admission consideration.

TEAS Registration (Undergraduate)

Please review the information contained on ATI Testing's TEAS Registration page to explore the testing options available. 

If you are testing via the "TEAS Online proctored by ATI" option, you will receive one complimentary transcript with your registration and may choose the school in which to submit this official transcript. You may send the transcript following the completion of your TEAS exam by logging into your student ATI account and selecting "SEND TRANSCRIPT" under "TEAS ACTIVITY" or by selecting the "MY RESULTS" tab and clicking "SEND TRANSCRIPT" below your scored proctored TEAS exam results. If you are applying to more than one school, you will need to purchase additional transcripts or transcript credits for those submissions. Transcripts are electronically sent to the institution or testing center within two hours of your submission.

Please contact ATI's Support Center at 1-800-667-7531 if you have further questions or concerns regarding this process. Additionally, please be aware that the Department of Nursing does not coordinate these testing dates and times.

Please contact Albany State University's West Campus Testing Center at or (229) 500-2921 if you are inquiring about taking the TEAS exam. The Department of Nursing does not coordinate these testing dates and times or make decisions about rescheduling, refunds, or cancellations.