Men Advocates for Leadership, Excellence, and Success (MALES)

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MALES Mentors (Men Advocates for Leadership, Excellence, and Success) is a newly developed initiative on the campus of Albany State University. The goal of MALES Mentors is to develop astute male student-leaders through community and civic involvement and scholastic success encouragement. The development of this program is instrumental in addressing and bridging a two-fold subject matter that affects the majority rural, low-income community in which Albany State University is located: lack of or little interest of male elementary, middle, and high school students in college preparatory matriculation and/or high school-to-college bridge programs and college male students’ academic obstacles, college retention, and graduation rate.

To perpetuate the aim of Albany State University, MALES Mentors will help male students enrolled in the program with improving their grade point averages and engaging in community service initiatives during their matriculation which will result in increasing college retention rates. One of the service initiatives of the MALES Mentors is providing guidance and mentorship for elementary, middle, and high school students to encourage and inspire them to further their education beyond high school. In essence, MALES Mentors have created a platform that allows both aforementioned concerns to be addressed. Below are statistics on student retention and student GPAs as a result of participation in MALES Mentors.

Please refer to Director’s Message, Overview of Signature Events, and Community Initiatives pages for a detailed outline of programs and initiatives implemented in order to achieve the goals of MALES Mentors.

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