New Department Phone Numbers

Academic Advising and Retention Center Carol Taylor 229-500-2002
Admissions RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Adult Learners Military and Adult Education 229-500-2070
Alumni Relations A.L. Fleming 229-500-3284
Arts and Humanities Vickie Sims 229-500-2120
Athletics Kajuana Smoak 229-500-2863
Auxiliary Services Martha Snow 229-500-2884
Band Director Kenneth Trimmins 229-500-2217
Bookstore (Cordele Campus) Bookstore Staff 229-500-2006
Bookstore (East Campus) Tara Johnson 229-500-2007
Bookstore (West Campus) Bookstore Staff 229-500-2008
Budgets and Contracts Tiffany Williams 229-500-3028
Business Administration Cakeitha Harris 229-500-2128
Career Services Tracy Williams 229-500-2009
Center for Faculty Excellence Monica Reed 229-500-2004
Central Receiving and Storage Gwen Heard 229-500-2010
Cordele Center Janice Beamon 229-500-3410
Counseling and Disability Services Stephanie Harris-Jolly 229-500-2013
Criminal Justice Dr. Patrick Ibe 229-500-2014
Darton College of Health Professions Elaine Hambric 229-500-2239
Dining Services Martha Snow 229-500-2016
Distance Learning Laquiela Daniel 229-500-2907
Distribution Center (West Campus) Donnie Faulk 229-500-3033
Dual Enrollment RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Early Learning Center Lynn Decuir 229-500-2017
Education Department Teresa Fleming 229-500-2012
English, Modern Languages, and Mass Communications Cassandra King 229-500-2018
Facilities Management Patsy Ham 229-500-2019
Financial Aid RAM CENTRAL 888-845-4690
First Year Experience RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Global Programs Nneka Osakwe 229-500-2021
Graduate Studies Hattie Ford 229-500-2022
History, Political Science, and Public Administration Rosetta Calhoun 229-500-2023
Honors Program Cheryl Mosley 229-500-2024
Housing and Residence Life Jonathan Lucia 229-500-2025
Human Resources Dacia Berry 229-500-3066
Information Technology Services Helpdesk ITS HelpDesk 229-500-4357
Institutional Research and Effectiveness Vickie Grant 229-500-2028
Internal Audits Audrey Jackson 229-500-2029
Legal Affairs Vanessa Tupper 229-500-3502
Library Kim Douglas 229-500-2031
MALES Mentors Dineta O’Hara 229-500-3581
Marketing and Graphics Design Pearlie Bowser 229-500-3511
Math and Computer Science Barbara Breedlove 229-500-2280
Math Center East Jayanti Saha 229-500-2105
Math Center West Benjamin Anderson 229-500-2356
Media Relations Danyelle Gary 229-500-3514
Military/ Veterans Military and Adult Education 229-500-2070
Military Science Helen Florence 229-500-2291
Natural Sciences Gloria Drake 229-500-2295
Nursing Department Bonnie Hardegree 229-500-2329
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Mackelle Williams 229-500-2032
Office of the President Janet Puckett 229-500-3501
Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Renee Hospedales 229-500-2804
Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success Ada Davis 229-500-2922
Office of the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs and Administration Robbin Burris 229-500-3022
Office of the Vice President for Information Technology Chelsea Sumbry 229-500-2027
Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement Deleah Morgan 229-500-3284
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Venessa McKinney 229-500-2037
Peer Tutoring Carol Taylor 229-500-2830
Police Department – Emergency and Dispatch Police Department 229-430-4711
Post Office Leona Brown 229-500-2033
Radio/TV Connie Williams 229-500-2040
RAM Central (Enrollment Management Call Center) RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Registrar RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Social Work Alberta Robinson 229-500-2384
Sociology and Psychology Department Rhonda McClendon 229-500-2355
Student Accounts (Financial Operations) RAM CENTRAL 229-500-4358
Student Government SGA President 229-500-2038
Student Health Services Karen Carter 229-500-3544
Student Life and Activities Venessa McKinney 229-500-2039
Testing Center (East Campus) Deborah Beaty 229-500-2041
Testing Center (West Campus) Deborah Beaty 229-500-2921
Title III Administration Maria Allan 229-500-2042
Transportation Services Walter Anderson 229-500-3035
Visual and Performing Arts NaTasha Singleton 229-500-2043
Water Policy Center Mark Masters 229-430-2900
Writing Center (East Campus) Mark Hankerson 229-500-2044
Writing Center (West Campus) Steve Preston 229-500-2047