Card Services


Welcome to Card Services

Your RamCard serves as:

  • Official University Identification Card 
  • Campus Access Card (Residence Hall, Dining Hall, On-campus Restaurants, Convenience Store, Swimming Pool etc.)
  • Library Card
  • Print Services Card
  • Student Health Services Card

Getting your RamCard

Please stop by Ram Central on West Campus or the Helpdesk on East Campus during our business hours. You will need to bring the following:

  • Your RamID number
  • Acceptable forms of ID include:
    1. Driver's license or Instructional Permit
    2. State ID card (can be obtained at the Georgia Department of Drivers Services for students of any age)
    3. US Military ID (active duty, reserve, and retired)
    4. US Passport (including passport cards)
    5. Foreign passport with a current United States Visa
    6. I-94 form with photograph
    7. US citizenship and immigration services employment authorization document or refugee travel document
    8. US Certificate of Citizenship
    9. Tribal ID

After verifying your records, we will take your picture and issue you a RamCard.

Lost or Stolen Cards

All lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to University Police and Information Technology Services to deactivate the ID card. The cost of replacement is $10. The fee must be paid first and the receipt be brought as a proof of payment to Card Services Office on either campus. Upon verification of payment, Card Services will issue a replacement card.

If your RamCard is damaged, please bring that to Card Services Office nearest to you. The staff will evaluate the likely cause of damage. If it was damaged due to routine use, there is no cost to replace. Otherwise, you will be advised to pay $10 in replacement cost at the cashier’s window and bring the receipt to Card Services before a replacement card can be issued.

What does your RamCard give you Access To

Residence Halls

In order to ensure safety of on-campus residents, the RamCard is the only way to enter a residence hall. If your card denies access or receives an error at your residence hall, please contact or visit the Card Services Office on either of the campuses. The staff will resolve the issue at the earliest.

Dining Services

Meal plans, dining dollars and RamBucks are loaded on the RamCard that can be used at the main dining hall, the convenience store or any of the restaurants located on campus.

Sports Events

RamCard allows students to access athletic events. Rather than issuing tickets, the RamCard is used to verify eligibility to attend athletic events such as basketball, football games etc.

Swimming pool

Students, Faculty and Staff are required to show their RamCard before they can use the swimming pool during recreational hours.

Library Card

RamCard is required for checking out materials from the Library.

Print Services

In order to facilitate student printing, ten printers have been installed throughout the campus. Students can send print jobs from anywhere on campus, walk to any of the ten printer locations, swipe their RamCard and release the job, provided they have funds available in RamBucks. RamBucks can be added by using the PHIL (Payment Headquarter In Location)-CASH ONLY that are located on both East and West campus. Locations are as follow:

  • JPL room 108 (East campus)
  • Student Center (located near Chick-fil-a (East Campus)
  • Technology Building-A Building (West campus)

Student Health Services

Students are verified using RamCard before services are provided at the Student Health Services Center.

Access to Computer Labs

Students can access any of the general purpose computer labs by swiping their RamCard. The computer lab in the James Pendergrast Library Room 108 is available 24/7.

Card Services Office Hours East Campus Office Location West Campus Office Location Card Services Contact Information
Monday - Friday James Pendergrast Library, Room 107-A / 107

Ram Central (Building C) Technology Building (A - 163)

Telephone: (229) 500-4358 - West Campus
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 504 College Drive 2400 Gillionville Road Telephone: (229) 500-4357 - East Campus
   Albany, GA. 31705 Albany, GA. 31707 E-mail Address: