Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Academic Schedule

Spring 2018 Academic Schedule
Date Information
November 1 Deadline for Admissions, readmits, financial aid & housing
November 6-30 Spring 2018 Advising/Early Registration
For Current and Readmitted Students
January 2 Spring Fees Due
January 4 New Student Orientation
January 5 TAP Registration Period
January 8 Classes Begin-Full and A-Term
January 9-11 Schedule Adjustment Days
January 12 Classes Dropped for non-payment
January 15 Holiday Observed
Campus Closed
January 22 Faculty Attendance Verifications Due by 9:00am
Regular and A-Term classes
February 1 B-Term Admissions, readmit, financial aid & housing deadline
February 1-2 A-Term midterms
February 5 A-Term midterm grades due by 2:00pm
February 6 Last day to drop an A-Term class
Without academic penalty (W grade)
February TBA A-Term Student Course Evaluations
February 15 All Bterm classes must be added to schedule by the close of the day
Spring B-Term Fees Due
February 16 B-Term classes dropped for non-payment
February 27 A-Term-last day of class
February 28-March 2 Regular Term Midterms
A-Term finals
March 2 Last day to drop an A-Term class-with penalty (WF grade)
March 5-9 Spring Break
March 12 Classes Begin-B-Term
Regular Term midterm grades due by 2:00pm
A-Term grades due by 2:00pm
March 14 Last day to drop a Regular term class;
Without academic penalty (W grade)
March 15 Honors Day Convocation
March 22 Faculty Attendance Verifications Due by 9:00am; B-Term classes
April 6 Founder's Day
April 2-April 20 Summer & Fall 2018 Advising/Early Registration
For current and readmitted students-invites to be mailed
April 9-10 B-Term midterms
April 12 B-Term midterm grades due by 2:00pm
April 16 Last day to drop a B-Term class; Without academic penalty (W grade)
April TBA Regular and B-Term Student Course Evaluations
April 26 Last Day of Class; Regular and B-Term classes
April 30-May 3 Regular Term and B-Term Final Exams - See exam schedule
May 3 Last Day to Drop regular term and B-Term
With academic penalty (WF grade)
May 5 Commencement: 9:00am & 3:00pm
9:00am Arts & Humanities, Education, Science & Technology
3:00pm Business & Health Professions
May 7 Final Grades Due to the Registrar’s Office by 9:00am

Schedule Subject to Change   3/1/17; 10/13/17; 02/01/18