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How higher education guards against security threats

By Kacy Zurkus, CIO contributor

Parents have plenty of things to worry about when they send their kids off to college: money, physical safety, their happiness, empty-nest syndrome, their future. Do they now have to worry about identity theft and data security, too?

In a word, yes. Colleges and universities have been the target of phishing scams for years. And while they continue to get better at dealing with information security threats, the ways our institutions of higher learning defend themselves against cyber criminals are as myriad as the forms of cyber attacks they face.

NSA Shares Cyber Tool on Agency’s Corporate GitHub Website

A National Security Agency cyber tool that allows computer systems to maintain a specific security posture is now publicly available on GitHub, a website for sharing source code – making it easier for other government organizations and private industry to adopt the tool to help fortify their networks against cyber threats.