Great Start Checklist

What tools, strategies, and resources are most important to getting a great start in your first semester?


Learn About Campus

View our interactive maps or sign up for a Campus Tour with one of our Holley Ambassadors.  Walk your campus schedule before the first day of class!

students with holding event sign

Get Involved

Successful students are involved in at least three campus events/organizations in their first six weeks. Click to learn more about all of the wonderful engagement opportunities on campus.

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Peer connections are not only the best way to experience ASU, but they are critical to first-year success.  Get to know your new roommate, start a conversation with your classmate next to you, or join a student organization to meet new peers.

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Our faculty are nationally recognized in their areas of expertise and have valuable experience working with first-year students. Introduce yourself to each of your instructors by the end of Week 3 and make an appointment during office hours to discuss your goals for success in their courses.

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Successful students make planning a part of their regular routine and have multiple strategies for effectively organizing their schedules. Click the Stay Ready Workshops to take advantage of weekly workshops dedicated to classroom success or schedule an appointment for an Individual Success Consultation to create your calendar for the semester.

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Meet Your Advisor

First year students should meet with their academic advisor at least three times in the first semester to discuss academic progress, degree requirements, and registration. 

Contact Academic Advising at 229-500-2002 or click the link at the top to locate your advisor.

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Get a great start in your first eight weeks by attending workshops to develop strategies on learning, note-taking, reading, and study strategies. Click here for the latest schedule of Stay Ready Workshops. 

student getting academic support

Successful students utilize academic support services as key components of their learning strategy.  Tutoring on Demand provides 24/7 access to experts in various content areas.

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Learn GAView Before Classes Begin

Every course uses GAView as its online classroom for classroom announcements, the syllabus and school, submitting assignments, taking exams, and viewing grades. 

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Make Sure Your Technology Works

Your RAM ID, username, and email password are critical to accessing technology and receiving updates, instructions, and important information. Submit a help desk ticket (Link) if you are having problems with your email, log-in, or ID.

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Enroll in Connect 5

Connect 5 allows students to receive campus-wide alerts related to weather and safety. It is critical that all students enroll in this important notification service.

First Semester Timeline

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Give yourself plenty of travel time prior to your first classes.
  • Learn the Ram Rush (bus) schedule, especially if you have classes on both campuses. Download Route Shout to keep up to date with the Ram Rush schedule.
  • Do you have 14-16 hrs? Discuss any final schedule adjustments with your advisor (Who Is My Advisor?) prior to 11:59 pm on the 4th day of classes.
  • Make arrangements to pay any outstanding balances. Your classes will be dropped for non-payment.
  • If you have college credit, check your transcript to verify that all transfer credit has been applied. Contact your academic advisor with any discrepancies.
  • Periodically return to Ram Ready! and review different modules to makes sure you are ready for your ASU experience.
  • Make your first advising appointment (Who is My Advisor?) for Week 4 or 5 to check-in with your advisor.
  • GO TO CLASS! Attending class on-time, every day is a successful strategy for first-year success.  Students who do not attend class will be administratively dropped and risk losing housing and financial aid.
  • Explore tutoring and learning center options and make choices according to your learning style and the course content. Review the Stay Ready! schedule for any additional classroom success skills you may need.
  • Attend Late Nite Library events to meet new freshmen in a small group environment.
  • Introduce yourself to all of your instructors.
  • Make your advising appointment for registration.
  • Visit your instructors during office hours to make sure you are clear on the expectations for the course.
  • Resolve any registration holds that you may have.
  • Check your email for any early alerts (Attendance, Academic) from your faculty. Utilize office hours and email to ask specific questions if your progress does not reflect your own understanding.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss degree requirements and finalize the class schedule for next term.
  • Check the Academic Calendar! The final withdrawal deadline is Friday of Week 7.
  • (Fall Only) File your financial aid for next academic year.
  • Develop a study plan for mid-term exams.
  • Schedule faculty office hours to review your mid-term progress and remaining expectations for the semester.
  • Schedule an Individual Success Consultation to develop a success strategy for the second half of the semester.
  • Develop a study plan for final exams.
  • Review your schedule for the next semester. Make an advising appointment for any changes.