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Parking Updates

Throughout the 2022 academic year, the Parking Services Task Force has monitored and evaluated parking processes, traffic flow, driving habits and challenges on the East and West campuses.  Vehicle movement and parking patterns in high traffic areas were also monitored.  As a result of these studies, we are excited to share that the below improvements have been made to various parking areas at ASU to not only improve traffic flow but improve the aesthetics of the grounds of the campuses.

Completed Improvements

  1. Parking spaces have been cleaned, lines restriped and spaces numbered for ease of identification at the parking lots located behind the Billy C. Black Building and in front of the Eula Lovett Hall Building.
  2. Parking spaces have been cleaned, lines restriped and spaces stamped for ease of identification at the parking lots in front of the Administration Building, K, and Technology Building, I.
  3. Parking lots have been cleaned and restriped in multiple locations.

           West Campus – Facilities, Student Center (back lot), Physical Education, Campus Road/South Campus Drive/Cavalier Drive and Nursing, Student Center, J Building, Old Bookstore, Village South and Commons Residence Halls.

          East Campus – Orene, Old Presidents House, Facilities, parking along College Drive.

We will continue to make updates to all parking areas on the east and west campuses over the holiday break. Please be patient with us as we move forward with these enhancements and continue to watch for additional updates.

Parking Services is committed to creating a more efficient and clear understanding of our parking policies and expectations while providing a safer and more secure campus for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.


The below parking spaces will be permanently eliminated to allow for emergency vehicle access. Curbs will be painted yellow to denote “no parking” at each location. Cones and barrels have been stationed throughout the campus to identify where adjustments to the parking processes are being made.

  1. Parking in the turnabout on the second-floor level of the C. W. Grant Student Union on East Campus except for three handicap spaces. Available parking at the lower level of the C.W. Grant Student Union.
  2. Parking in the loop in front of the Physical Education Building on West Campus. Available parking on the hill to the side of the Physical Education building.
  3. Street parking along Billy C. Black Drive at Hartnett on East Campus. Available parking at Hartnett | Reese parking lot.
  4. Street parking along Rams Lane at Peace Hall on East Campus. Available parking at the James Pendergrast Library (JPL).
  5. Street parking along West Access Road in front of Nursing Building on West Campus. Available parking on the hill to the side of the Physical Education building | Cavalier Drive.
  6. North, South, East Hall "known as the hill'. Available parking at Hartnett | Reese parking lot.

Please be aware of the changes and adjust your travel time on campus to account for any delays getting to a vacant parking space.

Your patience and assistance in adjusting to the new traffic flow and parking routines on campus to make ASU a safer and secure place to be are appreciated. 

Remember that yellow curbs indicate that the space is a “no parking zone.”  Green curbs indicate faculty/staff parking and numbered spaces indicate reserved faculty/staff spaces. Vehicles should be parked in authorized areas according to the corresponding decal in which the vehicle is registered.

Be mindful that parking in unauthorized parking spaces, along yellow curbs, or blocking traffic in any location that could cause a life, safety issue may result in the vehicle being fined and/or towed at the owner’s expense. 

Students, faculty, staff and visitors are responsible for adhering to the Traffic and Safety Regulations set forth by ASU PD and the Parking Services Department.  These may be located on the Parking Services website.

Slow down and be safe!

For questions or concerns, please reach out to Parking Services at or 229.500.2886.

For more information regarding parking regulations, please refer to the Parking Policy Guide.