Off Campus Housing

Albany State University provides the information on this page to make the task of locating off campus housing options easier. ASU is in no way affiliated with and does not inspect, endorse, recommend, or approve any off campus property.

If you are a representative of an off campus property and would like to edit or add information to our list of off campus properties, please contact us by emailing us at

*Properties report that they are on or near a City of Albany bus line with service to Albany State University

*College Park Student Apartments

Person of Contact: Carolyn Drinkwater - 229-888-9496


Address: 2214 Gillionville Road, Albany, GA 31707

*Glenn Arm Manor Apartments

Person of Contact: Wendy Brown - 229-255-3191


Address: 2609 Gillionville Road, Albany, GA 31707

*Tree Side Apartments

Person of Contact: Ebony Moore - 229-436-5099


Address: 2315 West Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA 31707

Whispering Pines Apartments


Person of Contact: Monica Mitts - 229-405-3150

Address: 2315 West Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA 31707

                  1200 Kingstown Court, Albany, GA 31707


Creekwood Apartments

Phone: - 229-883-1682

Address:1578 US-19 Leesburg, GA 31763

*Village Apartments

Phone: 229-439-8109


Address: 2507 Nottingham Wat, Albany, GA 31707

Oakland Apartments

Person of Contact: Kim Tab- 229-483-7812

Address: 245 Oakland Parkway, Leesburg, GA 31763

*Pointe North Apartments

Person of Contact: Jessica Clawson - 229-4436-4063


Address: 2716 Dawson Road, Albany, GA 31707

*Vista Pointe Apartments

Person of Contact: Hillary Brooks - 229-438-9999

Address: 2315 West Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA 31707

*Ashley Riverside Apartments

Person of Contact: Toni McCullough - 229-430-9973

Address: 320 S Jackson Street. Albany, GA 

*The Scene at Sand Hill (Student Housing)

Phone: 229-886-1003



Address: 405 E Whitney Ave, Albany, GA 31705 ( Across the street from Hall 3 & 4)


Rooms for Rent:

Point of Contact: Cassandra Richardson - 229- 809-6917

Rooms for rent



Rooms for Rent


Rooms for Rent