Move Out Information


No Students will be allowed to stay beyond the closing date and time.


  • Clean your room and any shared spaces thoroughly. You must return your room to its original configuration: ALL furniture must be returned and in the correct room.
  • Dispose of all trash in outside dumpster (fines will be assessed for any remaining trash) 
  • Remove all personal belongings from the room. (Residence Life & Housing is not responsible for abandoned property beyond COB December 8, 2023. Any abandoned property will be discarded and may result in additional charges to your student account.) 
  • Close and lock room windows, blinds, turn off all lights and lock doors.
  • Return all metal keys and access cards (NOT RAM IDs). Failure to return keys or access cards will result in additional charges to your student account. 

check out PROCESS

  • Residence Life & Housing offers several check-out options:
    • Option 1: Check out with a Staff Member to ensure your room has been closed out properly.
    • Option 2: Pick up a Self-Checkout Envelope from Self Check out Drop Box in the lobby of your residential hall. Complete information on the Self-Checkout Envelope and sign it. (PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY) Place the key and access card (NOT RAM ID) in the envelope, seal the envelope, and place the envelope in the back Self-Checkout Drop Box located in the lobby. 

Failure to complete all required tasks will result in additional charges to your student account. 

Hall Management will inspect the room prior/after the resident’s departure and look for damages, missing items and necessary cleaning.  Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those assigned to the room/apartment. Failure to return your keys and access cards will result in additional charges to your student account. 


Any student property that is left behind beyond the residency contract dates. The property will be considered abandoned by the student. In those cases, The University reserves the right to dispose of all abandoned property at the conclusion of each semester. The University does NOT hold or nor provide storage for residents who cannot or choose not to remove all of their belongings.