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Albany State University Police Department

The powers of authority for the Albany State University Police Department are assigned from the Official Code of Georgia Annotated O.C.G.A. § 20-3-72 (2022)20-3-72. Arrest powers of campus policemen and security personnel:

The campus policemen and other security personnel of the University System of Georgia who are regular employees of the system shall have the power to make arrests for offenses committed upon any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents and for offenses committed upon any public or private property within 500 yards of any property under the jurisdiction of the board.

Safety on Campus

Albany State University Police Department strives to provide a safe and secure environment for our campus community. Albany State University is situated on an open campus. We operate with that in mind. Our goal is crime prevention through education and the visibility of patrols as an effective deterrent.

Each campus entrance checkpoint booth is manned throughout the day by ASU Police and Security Personnel. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors arriving on campus are asked to provide identification.

The Uniform Division actively patrols the campus. ASU Police Officers complete security checks and walk-throughs of residential and academic buildings on campus, answer calls of service, investigate complaints of on-campus criminal activity, and work closely with local police agencies to ensure campus safety.

The Communications Division Emergency Dispatch Center is the hub of Albany State University Police Department. Communications Officers are able to monitor over 800 live camera feeds from interior and exterior locations on all three campuses. Emergency call boxes and elevator emergency phones are all routed to the Albany State University Dispatch Center. Communications Officers manage the Blackboard Connect 5 notification system to distribute Emergency Notifications (important information during a crisis such as weather alerts) and Timely Warnings (Clery Crimes that pose a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community) via text, email, and phone call to our faculty, staff, and students in a timely manner. Communications Officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency and non-emergency calls.

Our Emergency Management Division is responsible for developing emergency programs and is a key component in planning, coordination of operations, and mitigation efforts. Albany State University Police Department collaborates with Albany Fire Department, Emergency Management Division, and Residence Life to equip the campus community with the training needed to prevent fire-related deaths and injuries.

In addition, the department is associated with several professional associations: the American Jail Association, Georgia Sheriffs’ Association, Albany/Dougherty Crime Stoppers, HBCU Chiefs’ Association, Police Executive Research Firm, International Chiefs’ Association, Georgia Chiefs’ Association, and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Parking Services

The mission of Albany State University’s Parking Services is to provide safe, on-campus services, to enforce the parking procedures and regulations outlined in the parking manual, and to coordinate parking with contract development projects throughout the campus. 

Albany State University Police Department and Parking Services Supervisor, Brandon Willis, strive to provide safe and convenient parking for all members of the campus community. The parking procedures are enforced to ensure motorists with disabilities have accessible parking, minimize parking inconveniences with reserved parking spaces, and to ensure that emergency vehicles have access and the right of way. This is particularly important for the yellow curbs on campus, which are typically used in front of fire hydrants, at approaches to intersections and at stop signs.

ASU Parking Services reserves the right to change parking procedures. The University will provide students, faculty and staff with notice of any changes as early as possible. The purpose of these procedures and regulations is to facilitate safety, maintain orderly conduct of the University’s business, and to provide appropriate parking in support of these functions within the limits of available spaces. Vehicles which are illegally parked are cited and may be impounded. Find the Parking Procedures Guide here.


Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is defined as the possibility, awareness, and assessment of crime risk and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it. A simple model that is used to explain the relationship between the three factors that are involved in any crime is known as the problem-solving triangle. The three factors are: opportunity, motivation, and capability. A person may want to commit a crime (motivation) and they may have the ability to commit a crime (capability) but if we deny them the opportunity, then no crime can be committed. Our goal is to equip the campus community with tips to reduce the risk of crime victimization.

How to Contact Albany State University Police Department:

· ASU PD Emergency Phone Number: 229-430-4711 or Dial 9-1-1
· ASU PD Non-Emergency Phone Number: 229-430-0528
· Program emergency numbers in your phone.
· Familiarize yourself with the emergency call box phone locations on campus.
· Sign up for the Blackboard Connect 5 Notification System.
· Participate in Campus Safety Programs.

Walking on Campus:

· Familiarize yourself with the layout of the campus.
· Use the crosswalks when crossing the street.
· Walk with confidence, keep your head up, and look at what is around you.
· Choose well-lit walkways at night. Avoid shortcuts through isolated areas.
· Tell a friend or roommate where you are going and when you expect to return.
· Travel in a group.
· Keep your keys separate from your purse or backpack.
· Avoid overloading yourself with bags or packages.
· Avoid wearing earbuds in both ears or using your phone in a way that impairs your ability to respond to dangerous situations.

Safety in Residence Halls:

· Always lock your door; especially when you’re sleeping or showering.
· Avoid propping your door, even for a quick trip down the hallway.
· Report lost or stolen keycards immediately.
· Report malfunctioning doors, windows, and locks immediately.
· Do not allow individuals to enter the dorm behind you when you swipe in.
· Avoid opening your door for uninvited or unknown guests.
· Secure your valuables. Consider having them engraved and logged by ASU PD.
· Avoid leaving your jewelry, debit cards, keys, wallets, RAM ID, or other valuables in view.
· Report suspicious people or activities to your RA’s and to ASU PD.

Safety in your Vehicle:

· Park in well-lit areas.
· Keep your valuable items locked in your trunk or console.
· Keep your vehicle locked at all times, even when you’re sitting inside.
· Have your keys ready to unlock your door when you approach your vehicle

Safety in the Office:

· If you are working late, let someone know where you are and how long you expect to be.
· Call ASU PD for an escort if you feel uneasy.
· Keep your purse or bag locked in a drawer or filing cabinet.
· Keep emergency phone numbers stored in your phone.
· Report suspicious people or activity to ASU PD.
· Do not allow others to enter behind you when you swipe in the building.
· Do not loan your office keys to anyone.
· Report lost or stolen keys immediately.

Online Safety:

· Beware of unsolicited requests for information.
· Never give your personal information out to anyone.
· Computer phishing is a crime. Phishers attempt to acquire personal data via fake emails and pop-up windows.
· Never deposit checks in your account from unknown sources. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
· Financial institutions will never request you send them personal information or sensitive data via email or pop-ups.
· Avoid calling numbers from suspicious emails.
· Avoid clicking any links in suspicious emails.
· If you receive a suspicious-looking email it is best to delete it. If you do have an account with the entity mentioned in the email, call your local office from the number listed on your bill.

Albany State University Police Department offer several free services to include: vehicle jump-offs, vehicle unlock assistance, engraving, escorts, and Campus Safety Programs.

Important numbers:

Chief Anita Allen
Office: 229-500-3104

ASU Police Department:

Dispatch Emergency: 229-430-4711
Dispatch Non-Emergency: 229-430-0528