Complaint Form

Students, faculty, staff and visitors of Albany State University:

We provide this form with the understanding that you authorize the Albany State University Police Department to conduct an investigation to determine if a violation of law or departmental rules and regulations occurred. COMPLETE this form with detailed information to ensure a successful investigation.

There are numerous ways you may submit a complaint to this Department:

  1. You can submit this form online using the form below.
  2. You may come to the University Police Department at any time to speak with a supervisor or to obtain this form.
  3. You can download this form using the link below and submit it in person or by mail.
  4. You may telephone the Department at (229) 430-4711 and speak to a supervisor over the telephone.

Download the form here: Complaint Form

We appreciate your comments as they assist us in providing excellent customer service to the members of our community.
“Serve Excellence”

Gregory L. Elder, Sr.
Chief of Police
Albany State University


Contact Information
First, Middle, Last
Incident Information
Name, Badge, and/or Description
hh:mm AM/PM
Describe as detailed as possible, the nature of your complaint, person(s) involved, witnesses, location of occurrences, time of occurrence., etc.,
I do hereby swear or affirm that the factual allegation(s) made by me in this complaint is true to the best of my knowledge and belief are based upon fact. I authorize the Albany State University Police Department to use the information given in any manner deemed necessary and proper to conduct and conclude its investigation.