RAM Watch

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RAM Watch: The Campus Watch Program  

Be a part of our proactive and safe college environment! The ASU Police Department believes everyone in the campus community has the right to expect a safe environment.  

What is RAM Watch? 

RAM Watch asks for your help by looking out for each other's welfare; to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of campus life, and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies, and other concerns to the ASUPD.  

Why do we need RAM Watch? 

The security of the campus and its residents depends upon the people. No police department can function effectively without the support and cooperation of the citizens it serves. 
Security can’t be everywhere at once. Your help, your eyes and your ears are needed in the fight against crime. Criminals will not operate in areas where citizens are alert. 

RAM Watch challenges you to be part of the community and empowers all of us to: 

  • Look out for each other 
  • Be alert for potentially dangerous situations 
  • Report suspicious activities 

What To Do 

Be Aware, On the Lookout, and Report 

Anything that seems slightly “out of the ordinary” for your area or during the time in which it occurs should be reported immediately. Examples include:  

  • A tense situation about to escalate  
  • Suspicious letters or packages  
  • Any unusual noise you can't explain (screams, breaking glass, etc.) 
  • Emergencies: fire, accident, critically ill person 
  • Someone forced into a vehicle 
  • Property taken out of a room/office that is not occupied 
  • Broken glass/windows 
  • Someone running from a vehicle, building, or area while carrying property. 
  • Any form of vandalism - such as: spray painting a sign or building; graffiti; removing benches or signs; pulling up or removing plants and shrubbery.  
  • Any abandoned vehicles on campus. 
  • Someone looking into building windows, or windows of parked vehicles. 
  • A vehicle driving slowly, and aimlessly, back and forth on a street, or in a parking lot.  
  • Door-to-door solicitors without properly issued local permits, or licenses, and without authority from the Dean of Students office.  
  • Someone loitering around the buildings hallways, or other campus areas, with no clear purpose.  
  • Overgrown shrubs, tall weeds, or trees that could harbor a potential perpetrator of a criminal nature.  
  • Dim lighting in and around buildings, parking lots, pathways, and sidewalks. 

REMEMBER: If what you see worries you, the ASU Police needs to know about it. We would rather be called, and not needed, than needed, and not called.  

Who should you call? 229-430-4711.  

When you alert the ASU Police, be prepared to say 

  • What happened 
  • When and where it happened, and 
  • Whether anyone is, or was injured. 

And if appropriate, obtain vehicle tag numbers, and description; direction of travel; description of any suspects, and whether any weapons are, or were involved.  

Write information, and details down on a piece of paper, as soon as possible, so it can be related to the responding officers, or to police communications.  

RAM WATCH: The Campus Watch Program 
Looking Out For Each Other 
ASU Police need the help of an involved, caring, and alert  
campus community, and more secure and healthier community will prevail. 

Be On The Lookout  

The ASU PD needs your help in solving the below investigations. Do you have information?  

Test Car Charcoal Grey Ford Focus was last seen on 03/18/21 at 3:48 p.m.
ASU PD Test Person Person of Interest. Caucasian Female, 5'5, blonde hair. etc.