Albany State University Waives Fees for Military Students

Beginning summer 2021, Albany State University (ASU) will waive all institutional fees for students who are currently serving in the military.

In a continuation of strengthening ASU’s military friendliness, any student who is serving on active duty, reserve, or in the National Guard will be able to reduce their tuition cost. Currently serving students will have the activity fee, athletic fee, technology fee, institutional fee, and transportation fee waived; reducing their cost of tuition.

“Eliminating institutional fees removes a financial barrier for those currently serving our nation. Albany State University is dedicated to removing barriers, and providing opportunities for military students,” said Alex Bynum, ASU Director of Military and Adult Education.

In order to take advantage of the military fee waiver, students must contact the Office of Military and Adult Education to set an appointment and show proof of service. Students can reach the Office of Military and Adult Education by emailing or 229-500-2070.