Student Spotlight: Za'hyre Creamer

Za’hyre Creamer, hailing from Athens, Georgia, is a Junior Marketing Major. She serves on the Student Government Association, Pre-Alumni Council, and the Dual Enrollment Mentoring Organization. Creamer has also volunteered with the American Red Cross HBCU Challenge and the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful - ASU.Za'hyre Creamer holding earned certificates

Why did you volunteer to represent ASU as a student ambassador for the American Red Cross HBCU challenge?
I chose to represent ASU as a student ambassador because I personally know someone who has sickle cell disease and I wanted to do as much as I can to bring awareness and, most importantly just help make a difference.

What were a few of the key takeaways from the experience?
For me, a big takeaway from the experience is learning more about sickle cell disease. I’ve always been familiar with it, but never actually learned about it. Another takeaway from the experience would be getting to work alongside some amazing people such as Mrs. Janet Puckett of Institutional Advancement and Mariah Carter of the American Red Cross of Georgia.

How did this opportunity prepare you for the future?
Giving back to the community and just overall making a difference in any way that I can is something that I plan to continue to do in the future, so having this opportunity to make such an impact in the lives of so many is only the stepping stone to the other things that I plan to do to make a difference.

How did it feel to help ASU receive 3rd place out of 16 HBCU’s?
Helping ASU receive 3rd place out of 16 HBCU’s was an amazing feeling. I was extremely happy to be a part of such an amazing accomplishment.

Why did you choose Albany State University?
After visiting Albany State, I loved the family feel that the campus had and how helpful everyone is, and so that’s why I chose ASU.

What motivated you to choose your major?
I chose marketing as my major due to my dreams of becoming a Creative Director within the fashion industry.

What advice would you give other students to pursue their dreams?
Just do it. Invest in yourself and go after whatever you want in this world. The only thing that can really stop you from living your dreams is yourself.

What are your goals in life?
My goals are to become a Creative Director within the fashion industry and use what I’m passionate about to help others.